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“Loved Ones are Not Gone Until They are Forgotten”
In Honor and Memory of Your Pets/Loved Ones

If you want a special way to say goodbye to a special friend or offer condolences to a friend or family member whose pet has passed away, Mercy Crusade and the Spay & Neuter Clinic will print a memorial for your loved one and will send an acknowledgement to the specified person. If you would like to donate to Mercy Crusade in honor, memory or for a special occasion, please send your tribute and contribution to: Mercy Crusade, 2252 Craig Dr., Oxnard CA 93036.

In Memory of:

"Harley" Della-Wolfe The Dellamano Family
Nise Garcia Jess Garcia
Dixie King Sandra Thiel
Dixie King Hollee King
Sylvia Rose Gilger Teri Bevan / Providea Conferencing
Ellen Spigel Rosey / The Daley's / Clemen's
Barbara Valentine The Sargent’s
Barbara Valentine Joanne Stewart
Joanne Nicolas The Zetlmaier’s
George Shock The Kealy Family
George Shock The Champion Family
Gordon Mom & Dad
Dixie King August Accessories, Inc.
Max and Manny Dianna Campbell
Dixie King The Smith Family
Shadow Ben Goshave & Kahlua Stone Bogart  T. Moulder
Blondie Moulder (1992-2000) Shay K. Moulder
Bones Pierre Sammy Davis, Jr Shay Kathleen Moulder
Balam M. Herrera
Alice Black anonymous
Deanna Mendoza and Bert Steelman Rosie Houser
Sam Bill Olsen
Buster O.M. Galvin
Tiger The Slattery’s
Betty Cardoni P. Smith
My 21 year old toy Poodle S. Peterson
Choo and Mr. Tibbs R. Martin
Ko Ko A. Chamberlin
Nathan Shock The Osborne’s
Ko Ko L. Ramirez
Pooka R. Samts
Charlie Myers D.G. Myers
Danny A. Gilmour
Big Red N.J. Hyland
MacTavish M.L. Watkins
Sandy F. Harpst
Shadow K. Bartolone
Missy and Cindy C. Heister
Tessie and Teddy M. Winkler
Carmelita Johnson The Tice’s
Baby Kittie H. Okuhara
Raisin The Grover’s
Blackie, Boots and Cousins J.C. De Luca
Mrs. Lily Ramsey S. Ramsey
Orange Julius B. Coplen
Nebbie B. Knight
Cleopatra The Kaufman’s
Ebony and Big Guy The Garcia’s
Flurry A. Verduin
Lucy B. Jensen
Licorice and Boots E. Schroeder
Nikki and Heidi K. Krantz
Wendy and Chip H. Salgado
Rocky and Nicomi R. Siemens
Cookie, Pucci and Tina E. Cimorell
Screech S. Frutig
Edwin Allison The Osborne’s
Rose Watt W. Watt
Kellie M. Gatley
Boots, Patches and Sally T. Freeman
Cambria L.H. Stewart
Samantha P. Landau Trust
Sara M. Winkler
Snowball R. Nordstrom
Smiley J.A. Brooks
Nico B. Coplen
Huski, Lucy, Rocky and Chessie B. Jensen
Denny Master & Cox Trust
Laska The Marlitz’
Beauregard and Tawny Anonymous
Lucky The Harris’
James Howlin The Howlin’s
Cleopatra and Tiny The Kauffman’s
Josephine N. Fisher
Mollie The Osborne’s
Betty Cardoni J. Pentecost
“Margo” Gribble D.G. Myers
Fiorello The Sportelli’s
Beloved Sweets Anonymous
Schroedinger Anonymous
Chloe Anonymous
Beep M. Rose
Luc K. Woods
Romeo, Micki and Cheech D. McFarland
Marc Powell F & D Trogdon
D. J. R. Martin
Betty Cardoni M.L. Weston
Toba E. Larson
Buddy The Dejesus’
My Sweet Princess P. Smith
Carl Blum The Champion’s
Sebastian D. Tate
Chevy B.A. Fisher
Carl Blum The Osborne’s
Hak Samson G. Anthony
Carl Blum The Zilberstein’s
Emily R. Bodanis
Michelle The Swain’s
Roscoe A. Lantz
Thumbelina G. Boothe
Suzi H. Zola
Floopsi L. Kosek
Shadow C. Liebling
Aimel Nash The Nash’s
Gem J. Hutcheson
Murphy The Auerbach’s
Chucky The Sandoval’s
Betty Cardoni J. Pentecost
Sunni The Pirkl’s
Betty Cardoni P. Smith
Corp The Harris’
Snowball R. Nordstrom
Lily Ramsey S. Ramsey
Ruffian R. Koertge
Edgar The Schmidt’s
Tiny and Cleopatra The Kauffman’s
My three Pekingese D. Siderow
Cheech and Micki D. McFarland
Cookie, Pucci and Tina E. Cimorell
Winkie and Tammy Fae Baker P. Stander
Sam The Wallach’s
Carey Lorenzen M. Lorenzen
Reba The Biekkola’s
Moccasin The Champion’s
Luke The Osborne’s

In Honor of:

Eden's birthday The Piszczek's
Karen Williams M. Moak
Shay Moulder and her pit bull Indo T. Moulder
Schmor L. Martson
Snoopy Z. Zepeda
Smoker and Japanesse M. Harris
Thumbelina G. Boothe
Trixie, Candy and Asta N. Padilla
Abigail and Quincy The Cassar’s
All Animals A. Hobson
Cheyenne The Ernst’s
Milton, Shadow I. Hurrle
Abbie M. Nash
Peanut L. Schwalenberg
Lucky R. Nordstrom
Monica D. Edge
Mary, Happy 19th Birthday E. Schlagel
Beep, Happy 18th Birthday M. Rose
Christmas S. Walsh
Mussy G. Cartaya
Charlotte The Teague’s
Ralphie and Peekaboo R. Lawrence
Junior A. Gregg
Jason Wade J. Walker
Sharky J. Parker
Barney The Holston’s
Poltergeist The Zilinskas’
Heidi J.W. Johnston
Chief N. Costanzo-Sapper
Florence Bodanis R. Bodanis
Harriet, Priscilla and Ozzie The Schuch’s
Mimi The Kinne’s
All my pets G. White
Rio The Bottorff’s
Baby D. Lange
Nini G. Avendano
David Graham The Held’s
Bootsie C. McManigal
Biscuit C. Nieto
Abbie M. Nash
Xena C. Diaz
Reba The Biekkola’s
Pretty Boy J. Clark
Bob Edman The Gist’s
My Mother W. Watt
Sassy The Lindsay’s
Gypsy J. Nielsen
Chico, Dolly and Buddy M. Aguiler
Fuzzlette M. Beatrizotti
Lucy B. Jensen
Agapi The Kenny’s
In Honor of Baby II and
in Memory of Baby I
D. Lange
In Honor of Pumpkin and
in Memory of Oggi, Little Boy
P. Stander
In Honor of Laddie and
in Memory of Toni I, Toni II
L. Tabak
In Honor and Memory of
Wayne Besenty
P. Besenty
In Honor of Krystal, Rock, Sally and
in Memory of Blondie, Rusty
I. Nava
In Honor of Chuckie and
in Memory of Terence, Johnny, Brandy
J. Guerra
In Honor of Missy and
in Memory of Sheba
The Evans’
In Honor of Midnight and
in Memory of BeBop
R. Pulin
In Honor and in Memory of Meeha The Dwyer’s
In Honor of Lacy and
in Memory of C.C. and Sandy
The Haas’

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