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Post-Surgical Instructions

Your pet has just undergone general anesthesia and surgical sterilization.  For the safety and well-being of your pet, we recommend that the following post surgical instructions be followed with care.

  • Whenever anesthesia is used stomach upset may occur. To avoid this, we recommend that you restrict the amount of food and water your pet has access to. We suggest small portions of water and food three hours after you arrive home. If your pet should vomit, pull the food away and do not feed until the following morning.
  • Restrict your pet’s activity for the next ten days. Excess running and jumping may pull and tear sutures causing post operative surgical complications such as swelling and opening of the incision. In neuter surgeries, the scrotal sac is not removed. In adult dogs this will decrease in size over time.
  • You should check your pet’s incision twice daily until completely healed.
  • No bathing or trips to the beach for ten days. You want to keep the incision area completely dry. Incisions that get wet take longer to heal.
  • Watch and make sure your pet is not licking the incision area. If persistent and uncontrolled licking occurs, please call the clinic to pick up an anti-lick collar.
  • Our clinic uses absorbable sutures so there is no need for suture removal.

Recognizing Problems

  • Pain, swelling, bleeding or discharge from surgical site (occasionally there will be non-painful swelling due to suture material; this is normal).
  • Persistent vomiting (more than 24 hours after surgery).
  • Tearing of sutures and gaping of surgical site.
  • Persistent licking.
  • Not eating or lethargic (more than 24 hours after surgery).

If you have any questions regarding your pet’s condition, please call the clinic at (805) 278-4433 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If your pet requires immediate medical attention after clinic hours, please call the Pet Emergency Clinic at:

Ventura: (805) 642-8562

Thousand Oaks: (805) 492-2436

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